the present.

the start of a semester. classes have begun. which means, more or less, chaos has erupted in some shape or form as usual. people are shuffling to and from class trying to figure out a new routine, add classes, drop … Continue reading


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the last couple days have been jam packed, hence why there has been a bit of a lull on the posting front.

as you can see above, i thought i would share a couple photos from my post-christmas-and-into-new-years extravaganza.

i flew up to spend some time with grant and his fam in the northern cali area, adorning northface pullovers and all. from a trip to the snow, to visiting wonderful people, to champagne tastings and new years games, the trip was an absolute success.

cheers to ringing in the new year right! i hope yours, and all the hope a new year brings, was just as enjoyable.


its a new year. and at the beginning of each one, i try to choose a word that can be switzerland for all the ups and downs and twist and turns of the days to come for the upcoming year. … Continue reading