its raining today. which got me thinking. as you may have read in my past blog post here, things have maybe just felt a little bit off for me lately.  the only way i could think to explain it was “not … Continue reading

the backyard.

my girldfriends and i LOVE fashion. SO. me and my sweet friend eri had an impromptu photo shoot yesterday for valentines. background: our awkward backyard bush. nails: chipping even though we painted them the night before. mug: holding detox tea. … Continue reading

stuff im not good at.

i’m going to be real with you. i have not been the best me lately. do you ever have those days? and see the thing is with me, when that happens, i get so frustrated. and grumpy. and stuck. because … Continue reading

deep roots.

i am fairly convinced that i have the greatest friends in the world. they’re the kind of people that you walk by in the grocery store and you think, hmm they seem kinda fun. they’re the kind of people to … Continue reading