so believe it or not, im a selective play in the dirt kind of girl. when i was younger, sure, i would sit out in the backyard and dig for rollie pollies all day. but as i’ve gotten older…. well, you could say digging doesnt happen as much as it used to. and probably rightfully so :)

so you can imagine my surprise when grant began touring me around his house every few days (or few hours) to show me his latest project – gardening.

at first, i didnt so much get what the hype was about. “yeah, cool babe, a tomato seed….” and when with each visit he’d take me out back to show me the progress of his spinach, i mean i was supportive, but hardly stoked in the same way he was.

that all changed on one fateful day with a trip to my favorite grocery store. trader joes was selling fresh basil plants and, although i may not have had a deep love for gardening at the time, one thing i AM passionate about is cooking. more specifically food… and how it fuels your body. you know, the health nut stuff :) so you can imagine my excitement as i clapped my hands and purchased my very own fresh basil plant, mind going wild with all the mouth watering recipes i could attack (or at least attempt to attack) with this new wonderful ingredient!

but as i got home, and tried to water it…. and all the water leaked through the holes in the bottom of the crate…. i realized this was probably something that was meant to go in the ground. GARDENING! i thought.

and so my journey began. it clicked in that moment what grant was getting so excited about. planting my own produce like this sweet little basil plant would allow me to grow my VERY OWN INGREDIENTS to bring into the kitchen and cook amazing, flavorful, healthy meals with. meals where i knew exactly what was going into every part that i was consuming. and more than that, i would get to be a part of the whole process – from little seed, to budding plant, to meal that nourishes my own body as well as those i love. in a cheesy way, it was kind of like life, starting off so small and growing into something beautiful, and i LOVED it.

i never wouldve imagined the day that grant came over to help me plant my little basil plant that i would get it. that i could actually get excited again about playing in the dirt (because people, dirt is DEFINITELY involved). and that i would be the person dragging people out back to see my very own little plant that i was nourishing and growing, so excited at the progress of bringing something to life.

but there i was. and here i am. and i must admit i dont have quite the green thumb that my boyfriend does…. and planting my basil the weekend before a scorching heat wave was rather unfortunate timing. but nontheless this is something so little – a little thing in life that has potential to remind me of all the big ones.

and so im REALLY excited to start figuring out the dirt :)

above and below are a few pictures of the christening of my basil plant. thank goodness for a boyfriend who knows what all those hedge tools are.


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