days off.


and then the lord said “let there be days off”.

i don’t know about you but i am SO thankful for lazy mornings, breakfast on the porch (even if the porch is really just the top step of your stairwell), and makeup-less afternoon yoga class. i have noticed that in the chaos and stress of life, moments of relaxation or i guess not even that but permission to actually stop and ASK myself what it is that i would like to do have become crucial for my sanity. its a chance to quiet that voice that says that busier is worthier and also to tell my ever lurking to-do list to kick rocks.

now isn’t that nice?

if i could encourage you in one thing today it would be that rest is necessary. and so is breakfast, but thats a conversation for another day.

so for me, i will spend today in my cheetah print slippers with my hair up in a messy bun taking some time to tend to me in a season that can feel full of expectation and pressure. no thank you life, i would like to do it my way as well. :)




i realize this may seem a little silly to be posting about my new years resolutions when its technically february 7. which is like, at least 30 days after the average person sits down and writes a nice prompt little diddy about looking into the new year and their hopes for what they see.

well, i am not that person. and in some ways, thank goodness because i think holding off a bit gives me 30 days to taste what i might actually really want to see happen because its the stuff I’m actually really not day to day good at right now. or really genuinely hoping for. or perhaps i just prefer being fashionably late (although the fiancé is often times most annoyed by this life struggle i suffer from). either way, here i am with a list of the things i have been thinking about over the last month when it comes to 2014. take what you will :)

1. i want to be present. there is so much change happening this year and so many big things that i could so easily get swept up in and really actually miss. i don’t want to do that. i want to press in to what god is teaching me and who is sitting across from me and how delicious my bagel with butter really is instead of just shoveling it all in my mouth without even registering whats happening. i want to be present.

2. i want to be brave. brave means being the “leading lady” in my own life as the sweet old man from the movie the holiday would say. confession: i am a closet people pleaser. so it becomes very easy for me to let fear of what others will think or assumption of what others want run my life instead of making the decisions that are best for me because i want them instead of somebody else. of course there is a healthy dose of compassion and consideration… but usually i tend to wander way outside the “healthy” part and that is something i want to see change in this year.

3. learn how to be a wife. frick. i am going to be a wife. and me being a wife is not going to be like anybody else being a wife because nobody else is going to be married to grant (so the plan goes).  so I’m excited and HOPEFUL for what learning that will look like in this coming year.

4. expand my spotify playlist. you got a favorite artist? shoot it over to me. I’m ready to become a music connoisseur with all sorts of playlists to go with it.

5. adventure more. try new things. adventure eliminates fear so they say, and apparently you often learn things about yourself you would’ve never guessed before. i want to continually understand more and more of who i am and what i love and this is just one of the many practical ways i see that happening. there are so many things in the world that we haven’t experienced – that i haven’t experienced. so I’m ready to JUMP ON THE TRAIN! snow shoeing? never done it! shopping in the garment district? never done it! goat cheese? just learned i like it! the third point concludes this well i think.

6. be on time. ironic given this post, but nonetheless a priority (probably more for grants sake than mine, but nonetheless i feel like it would be helpful).

7. embrace change – plain and simple. from the big things to the little things… i am hopeful in learning how to do this better.

whatever your resolutions may be, similar or different, i genuinely do always think its such a beautiful thing to look forward to something – to change, to new experiences, to learning. my heart goes out to all of you in what your list looks like. and for those of you who haven’t made one yet, may this post be encouragement that its never too late. even if its february 7 :)

what are you hoping for? theres got to be something :) i’m excited to share with you this year how my list turns out. i have a feeling it will be a lot of jumping forward and sliding back. but i think that is the messiness of life i sometimes love the most.

until next time!