a letter to grant

hello love,

you know, its crazy. i was sitting outside today thinking about how restless my soul is. how i long to be here or there or anywhere in some ways other than right where i am. i’m drawn to the next adventure, to figuring out and looking forward to what’s secretly and sweetly waiting for me just around the next corner. i’m curious. and i want to know about cultures and jobs and who i could be and how i could grow if i were in new york or london or colorado. or simply stripped for my comfort zone and placed in a new context, left to make new friends away from family. simply me and you and where we are at. but its funny. i got to thinking a little more as i watched the wind rustle through the trees today. i thought about all the other sweet moments in my past where i’ve sat and watched the trees do the very same thing and how in THOSE seasons i was also waiting and hoping and dreaming of what could be next. looking back, i know how sweet those seasons were. and how in a lot of ways i would kill to transport myself back to that very same time. and right then it struck me. those who really DO travel all over the world and explore and constantly seek to find themselves in another place, another car, another country, another job always end up craving a sense of home. a sense of ROOTS. they love the pace and they love the experience, but at the end of the day, from what i’ve heard anyway, it will always be about eventually being BRAVE enough in some ways to stop and settle in. and not constantly run run run but sit in the here and now. to DARE to put down roots and watch them grow. and that’s when i realized – you and i are BRAVE. we are brave for daring to do what a lot of people even our own age won’t do. and that’s attempt to put roots down. give a place and people and jobs and purpose-where-we-are a shot. and do it with each other. it doesn’t mean we’ve gotten boring or we’ve given up or we saying yes to less than we should. in fact i think i realized today that in a lot of ways i feel like we’re actually giving where GOD has us a chance. and trusting and believing that the adventure HE wants to dream up, that HE has in store, might be bigger and sweeter than anything we could imagine. it’s a BIG thing – not a small one. we’re doing something scary. something that these days most people spend their whole lives running from. committing. and not to lose ourselves or our spunk or our fun. but just to actually say YES to something and to connect with people and to really live our lives in a community of others rather than just an independent state of who we are and what we want to do. to dare to let people in. to dare to let each other in. to trust that just outside our doors there is something BIG waiting in the SMALL. that the adventure is in the every day and we’re going to learn that and be surprised by it and in the end celebrate something that used to be so normal and now is completely COUNTER CULTURAL. i’m proud of us. i’m proud of you :) and i can’t wait for this journey we are about to start. here and now in what is right around us. i love you.


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