So here it is. My blog. Something I’ve been dreaming about, thinking about, and talking about for a little while now.

A place to reflect, to see, to notice the irreplicable stories of each day. The stories that are MINE – that God has given ME to tell. I read in a book recently that nobody can tell the story you can, because, practically, nobody else out there is you, but more than that, there is a purpose written on how you see things, the characters of your life, and the daily meanderings that make up your legacy. You never know who you’re going to touch with your words. So here I am.

Telling mine.

I’m so excited to share my passions with all of you – to share patterns and adventures and plain old confusions too. I’m excited to do all of that. And ultimately, I hope, get back in touch with some of the things that have meant the most to me in my (some would say) short 21 years so far. Writing. Photography. Words and pictures and places and people. That’s another thing that all of this is about.

And if something within these little blurbs of loose ends and puzzle pieces touches you, makes you think, or even just laugh a little – well I mean that would be an even bigger plus. So thank you. Thank you for sharing in my stories and, hopefully, being moved to share some of your own.

“I need a piece of story, something real and full of life and blood and breath and heartache, something way more than an idea, something that someone has lived through, a piece of wisdom earned the hard way – that’s why telling our stories is so important.”

– Shauna Niequist


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