A call on 20-somethings.

good morning sweet friends. or maybe its afternoon. to be truthful I’m not really sure as slow leisurely mornings have just become a part of my lifestyle – blessing and curse :) having a work schedule that functions on the later side means i get morning eggs and toast and lazy days of sleeping in. but it also certainly means that i never and i mean NEVER work out in the morning like i think I’m going to. oops. productivity in some ways these days has not been my strong suit outside of work…. but day by day I’m becoming more okay with it. or i guess today I’m okay with it. but I’m not so sure how ill feel tomorrow :)

this morning, sipping my coffee and thinking about how i NEED to get ready for work SOON (the being on time resolution has been a bit of a struggle) i flipped through my “blog feed” or whatever it is of blogs i follow and came upon this gem of a post below. i feel like someone slapped me across the face at multiple points of reading it in the best way. love her writing style. love her thoughts. and, ultimately, love that i felt like i needed to scribble down quotes every 5 seconds while reading. i’m not really a re-blogger, or maybe i am who knows, but either way i thought this needed to be shared with each of you this morning :)

enjoy. and let me know your thoughts. as always. if you wish :) the comment section is down there ——v

hannah brencher.


My words are not a parachute.

They won’t soften the landing when that moment buckles your knees and breaks you down to the floor. My words, they’re not no cold bucket of water. They won’t extinguish the doubt that blazes heavy, heavy, like a fire catching to all the pretty things you touch. Nothing I write can prepare you for that moment.. maybe you already know the one.

It’s going to hit you at some point. It might meet you randomly. 2am. 4am. When you’re standing in the middle of a crowded campus or alone in your cubicle beside a cactus you keep forgetting to water. No matter where you are, it’ll hit you. And you’ll look up suddenly. And you’ll look around. And you’ll let these words slip out from your lips, “Why am I here?”

Why am I here? And what am I doing? And this? Well, this…

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these days.


i stumbled across this little quote a few weeks ago and IMMEDIATELY re-posted to my Facebook. you know, one of those moments when you’re head so WHOLE HEARTEDLY agrees with something that its almost like an unanticipated (and maybe even uncontrolled) reaction of saying yes, click, i absolutely feel that way too.

this genuinely seems to be my mantra these days. life is changing and things get crazy… in the difficult shifts and, GET THIS, in the good ones too. i keep bringing myself back to this little quote. the thing called life is crucial. and I’m doing my best even just this week to remind myself not to miss it.

so there you have it. a little tronson philosophy for you fo free this morning. can you relate or am i the only one?!

have a beautiful day one and all!

a little nugget.



just a little something i stumbled upon yesterday.

and decided needed to be shared.

and also i might tattoo this somewhere.

(not really but thats a nice thought, isnt it?)